Suggested Materials

I cannot vouch for all of these (I haven't seen/read all of them--but most I have), and the list is certainly not done, but this will certainly give you a place to begin.

·       Water (2005)
·       Moolaade (2004)
·       Born into Brothels (2004)
·       Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story (1994)
·       Defending Our Lives (1994)
·       Very Young Girls (2007)
·       Sin by Silence (2009)
·       Rape in the Ranks (2009)
·       Human Trafficking (2005)
·       Madame Brouette (2002)
·       Trade (2007)
·       Bordertown (2006)
·       China Dolls
·       Selling Innocence (2005)
·       Refrain
·       The Color Purple (1985)
·       Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)
·       Enough (2002)
    Must Read After My Death (2007)

·       Good Bye Earl—Dixie Chicks
·       I Get Out—Lauryn Hill
·       Independence Day—Martina McBride
·       Behind the wall - Tracy Chapman
·       Is it love, 18 wheeler – pink
·       Alive - Pearl jam
·       Date rape – Sublime
·       Ask Me - Amy Grant
·       Fee Fi Fo - Cranberries
·       What’s the matter here- 10000 maniacs
·       The Stairs - Reba McEntire
·       The Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks
·       Luka—Suzanne Vega
·       Never Again—Nickleback
·       Face Down—Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
·       Love the Way You Lie—Eminem w. Rihanna

·       After Silence: Rape & My Journey Back by Nancy Venable Raine
·       I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting, and Surviving Date and Acquaintance by Robin Warshaw
·       "Not to People Like Us": Hidden Abuse in Upscale Marriages by Susan Weitzman
·       Battered Woman by Lenore E. Walker
·       Children Who See Too Much: Lessons from the Child Witness to Violence Project by Betsy McAlister Groves
·       Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
·       From Outrage to Courage: Women Taking Action for Health and Justice by Anne Firth Murray (Author), Paul Farmer (Foreword)
·       A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman by Lisa Shannon (Author), Zainab Salbi (Foreword)
·       I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced by Nujood Ali (Author), Delphine Minoui (Author), Linda Coverdale (Translator)
·       Slave: My True Story by Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis
·       In the Name of Honor: A Memoir by Mukhtar Mai (Author), Linda Coverdale (Translator), Nicholas D. Kristof (Foreword), Marie-Therese Cuny (Contributor)
·       Sold: One Woman's True Account of Modern Slavery by Zana Muhsen (Author) and Andrew Crofts (Author)
·       Burned Alive: A Survivor of an "Honor Killing" Speaks Out by Souad
·       Do They Hear You When You Cry by Fauziya Kassindja (Author), Layli Miller Bashir (Author), Karen Musalo (Epilogue)
·       The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine by
·       Somaly Mam (Author), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Introduction), Nicholas D. Kristof (Foreword)
·       When Broken Glass Floats: Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge by Chanrithy Him
·       Traffik by Norman Jean Roy (Author), Kevin Bales (Contributor)
·       Escaping the Devil's Bedroom: Sex Trafficking, Global Prostitution, and the Gospel's Transforming Power by Dawn Herzog Jewell
·       The Slave Across the Street by Theresa Flores (Author), PeggySue Wells (Author)
·       Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery BY Siddharth Kara
·       Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade--and How We Can Fight It By David Batstone
·       Terrify No More: Young Girls Held Captive and the Daring Undercover Operation to Win Their Freedom by Gary A. Haugen (Author), Gregg Hunter (Author)
·       Black and Blue: A Novel by Anna Quindlen

The following list of resources is from the  Rape Assistance & Awareness Program of Denver, CO. This program is a fantastic resource in and of itself.
GENERAL: (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Crisis)
  •     Transcending: Reflections of Crime Victims, Howard Zehr
  •     Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma: The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences, Peter Levine, Ann Fredrick
  •     When Bad Things Happen to Good People, Harold S. Kushner
  •      Living Through Personal Crisis, Ann Kaiser Sterns
  •      The Post–traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook, Glenn R. Schraldi, PhD
  •      I Can't Get Over It: A Handbook for Trauma Survivors, Aphrodite Matsakis
  •     The PTSD Workbook, Mary Beth Williams, PhD, Soili Poijula, Lasse A. Nurmi
  •      Sensible Self-Help Book: The First Road Map for the Healing Journey, David
  •      Recovering from Rape, Linda E. Ledray (also has a section for teen survivors and information for partners, friends and family helping a rape survivor)
  •      I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape(appropriate for teens as well)
  •       After Silence: Rape and My Journey Back, Nancy Venable Raine
  •      Telling: A Memoir of Rape and Recovery, Patricia Weaver Francisco
  •      The Other Side of Silence: Women Tell About Their Experiences with Date Rape, Christine Carter (ed)
  •      Where I Stopped: Remembering Rape at Thirteen, Martha Ramsey 
  •      Surviving the Silence: Black Women's Stories of Rape, Charlotte Pierce-Baker
  •      Intricate Moves: Poems About Rape, Chicory Blue Press, 1997
  •      Still Loved By the Sun: A Rape Survivor's Journal, Migael Scherer
  •      I Never Told Anyone: Writings by Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Ellen Bass
  •       Who's Afraid of the Dark? A Forum of Truth, Support and Assurance for Those Affected by Rape, Cynthia Carosella (ed)
  •       Beginning to Heal: A First Book for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis
  •       The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Ellen Bass, Laura Davis
  •      The Courage to Heal Workbook: For Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Laura Davis
  •      Secret Survivors: Uncovering Incest and Its Aftermath in Women, Sue Blume
  •      Because I Love You: The Silent Shadow of Child Sexual Abuse, Joyce Allan
  •      Strong at the Broken Places:Overcoming the Trauma of Childhood Abuse, Linda T. Sanford
  •      Not Child's Play: An Anthology on Brother-Sister Incest, (survivor's writing) Risa Shaw
  •      When Your Child Has Been Molested, Kathryn Hagans, Case Joyce, Kathryn Brohl
  •      Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse, Caren Adams, Jennifer Fay
  •      A Mother's Nightmare - Incest: A Practical Legal Guide for Parents and Professionals, John E.B. Myers
  •      The Mother's Book: How to Survive the Molestation of Your Child, Carolyn Byerly
  •      The Me Nobody Knows: A Guide for Teen Survivors, Barbara Bean, Shari Bennett
  •      How Long Does It Hurt? A Guide to Recovering from Incest and Sexual Abuse for Teenagers, Their Friends and their families
  •      Victims No Longer, Men Recovering from Incest and Other Sexual Abuse, Mike Lew
  •      Leaping Upon the Mountains: Men Proclaiming Victory over Sexual Child Abuse, Mike Lew, Richard Hoffman
  •      Everything You Need to Know When You Are the Male Survivor of Rape or Sexual Assault, John La Valle
  •      Working with Available Light: A Family's World After Violence, Jamie Kalven(account written by husband of a rape survivor--great book)
  •      If She Is Raped: A Guidebook for Husbands, Fathers and Male Friends, Alan W. McEvoy et al
  •      If He Is Raped: A Guidebook for Parents, Mates and Friends, Alan W. McEvoy, Jeff Brookings, Debbie Rollo
  •      Allies in Healing: When the Person You Love Was Sexually Abused as a Child, Laura Davis
  •      When You Are the Partner of a Rape or Incest Survivor: A Workbook for You, Robert Barry Levine
  •      What About Me? A Guide for Men Helping Female Partners Deal with Childhood Sexual Abuse, Grant Cameron
  •      Outgrowing The Pain Together, Eliana Gil
  •      Trauma and Recovery, Judith Herman
  •      Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A Complete Treatment Guide, Aphrodite Matsakis
  •      Healing the Incest Wound. Adult Survivors in Therapy, Christine Courtois
  •      Child Abuse Trauma. Theory and the Treatment of the Lasting Effects, John Briere
  •      Psychological Trauma and the Adult Survivor. Theory, Therapy and Transformation, McCann and Pearlman