Friday, July 1, 2011

Beginning Today

Education and involvement. These two words really speak to why this blog has been created.  After years (literally) of considering blogging, it finally seems like the right time. Passionate toward educating about topics relating to violence against women and girls (VAWG) worldwide, blogging seems like an excellent way to get the word out and for others to take an active role in educating themselves. This blog serves as a forum for open communication, questioning, analyzing, brainstorming, and community building all centering around a plague that impacts all of us. Violence against women does not discriminate. It crosses all socioeconomic classes, races, ages, religions and sexualities, among other things. We are all affected by it, even when we think we're not.

This blog will be filled with information, resources, news stories, guest posts, position stances, event updates and other ways to get involved in ending violence against women and girls.

I hope you'll come back to read more and share in this journey of lifelong education and involvement in taking a stand against violence against women and girls.

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