Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update: Domestic Violence Law REPEALED in Topeka

It's official, facing budget cuts, the misdemeanor domestic violence law in Topeka, Kansas has been repealed.

We all can do something about this. We need to take a stand. Calling is most effective, fax is next, then email.

There was a small protest at the courthouse during which one individual threw dice at the podium stating that the government was playing roulette with the lives of survivors.

They need our help!

Rita Smith, E.D. of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
William W. Bunten, Mayor of Topeka, 785-368-3895, voice 785-368-3850 fax
City Council Office. 707-368-3710 (phone). 785-368-3909 (fax)
As soon as I get names, I will let you know.
Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor
785-268-3710 (phone)
Dan Stanley, Interim City Manager, the City Council delegated power to him to take action.
Phone: 785-368-3724

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