Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jerry Sandusky Interview & Grand Jury Report

No big post today. However, in case you missed it, yesterday evening Jerry Sandusky, the man accused of 40 counts of sexual abuse against young boys, gave his first interview by phone. I've included a portion of it below.

Additionally, if you're following this case, I strongly recommend reviewing the Grand Jury's report. Note, this report is descriptive and provides details of sexual violence. 

Grand Jury Report on Jerry Sandusky

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  1. Unreal. They have him on a secured bond. This is outrageous. Are we waiting for him to "perjure" himself. Oops already done yesterday with Bob Costas. And then allow him on national tv to try to rally sympathy? And then he will likely end his life. He should be in jail suffering the consequences of his actions.