Monday, August 1, 2011

India's SlutWalk

SlutWalk's have become a widely experienced global phenomenon. In fact, India has just had it's first SlutWalk in Delhi. Concerns in India were numerous as organizers attempted to prepare for Slutwalks. Concerns of indecency, the name "Slutwalk," and other possibilities concerned officials and members of the public alike. It has been reported that there were several differences noted when comparing this walk with those of other locations. Not only were participants unable to march as far as they were previously thought to be allowed, but the event was smaller and tamer, and security was heavy. Estimates believe there may have been 2 security for every 1 participant (including media).

Regardless of the differences, the message was the same. Ending sexual violence is absolutely necessary.

You can read more about the SlutWalk here, here and here.
Pictures can be viewed here.

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